The eyes are the mirror of our health

The eyes are the mirror of the human body and provide early warning for many health problems.

People think that the eyes should be examined only when there are problems with vision, but really we need to practice regular eye exams because diabetes for example , can thus be detected much earlier , before it begins to create problems in the body, says ophthalmologist Andy Hepworth.

According to doctors , there are visible changes in the eyes that suggest the possibility of some kind of disease:

  • Red Eye – High pressure
  • Yellow fat items or small tears in the retina – Diabetes
  • White ring around the iris – High cholesterol
  • Pale color in the inside of the lid – Anemia
  • Protruding eyes – Problems with the thyroid gland
  • Numbed eyelids – Stroke
  • Different size of the pupil – a stroke or tumor
  • Yellow eyes – Liver disease
  • Pale optic – Multiple sclerosis and brain tumors