Science confirms : Shopping is cure for sadness

Research conducted at the University of Michigan confirms that shopping is great therapy for depression , sadness , frustration…

Scientists claim that the purchase is an effective way to reduce the sadness and shopping therapy helps people to overcome the melancholy.

The research was intended to prove that the shopping restores people the sense of control in the moments when fighting with the sadness . The result is that the purchase of something that made ​​us pleasure returns the sense of control for 40 percent and people who bought something are three times happier than those who only saw it in shop windows.

Shoppers enjoy a positive feeling , thinking about the things that they have purchased. Respondents in the most cases felt less sadness after shopping.

Our research shows that shopping helps restore a sense of control over our own environment and reduces sorrow . We proved that all previous studies that argue that we should not go shopping when we are sad because we buy the wrong things that will further worsen our mood , fall apart. Shopping is proved therapy and it can affect the reduction of sorrow, say scientists.