This Is Why You Must Stop Wearing Shoes In The House And Go Barefoot

In our house, we never wear shoes. It’s just understood when friends come over, too, that they’ll take their shoes off at the door. But do you know why?
It’s probably not the reasons you think. Instead, our reasons might surprise you.

Below are our three biggest reasons to ask visitors to take off their shoes at the door.

  1. Bacteria and toxins. At least one study has found that your shoes are more bacteria-laden than most toilet seats. Is that disgusting or what? As a result, taking your shoes off at the door can actually help you stay healthier – and reduce your risk of all sorts of nasty bacterial infections!
  2. Walking barefoot is good for you. No, really – it forces the muscles of your feet to do all of the little stabilizing exercises as you walk, and that translates into the rest of our legs as well. It also can help with common issues such as chronic pain, low energy, and stress – no, really! (Do a bit of reading – there’s a ton of great science to support walking barefoot and it’s many fantastic health benefits.)
  3. Dirt. This is probably the reason you thought – wearing shoes in the house tracks all sort of outdoor nastiness in and around the house, and wears out your carpets and floors, too.

We use to have a sign near the door – just a friendly reminder asking guest to “please take off your shoes” – but anymore, most of our friends do the same in their homes, so it’s second nature for each of us. We simply walk in the door, and off come the shoes!

Before long, you might be doing the same.