Gargle With Dead Sea Salt Once Per Day For 30 Days and This May Happen to Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Can Dead Sea Salt Help Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease?

Let me guess, you can relate to one of these situations. The first one is that you’ve booked a dental appointment and all of a sudden your long-lost auntie is in town and at last minute and you have to cancel.

Or, you’ve been meaning to book and haven’t got around to it. Or (and this is the most common) you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and you don’t expect to until you’re in extreme pain.

As a dentist, most people I see have at some point avoided or wanted to avoid going to the dentist.

For a long time, (I have to admit), this frustrated me. But I soon learnt that the reason why people don’t like going to dentist is because as health professionals, we relied purely on treatment.

That’s really how I came to focus on nutrition and preventing dental disease. I soon learnt that with the power of natural components in food diet and even other certain natural substances, people can go a long way to improve the health of their teeth.

It’s a beautiful thing because it allows people to be empowered and much more positive about their oral health.

Going beyond brushing and flossing with nature

For so long, I would beg for patients to brush and floss their teeth. It always led to more frustration because for the most part, people just flat out refused.

The problem here is that standard dental advice, which is brush, floss with a fluoride toothpaste isn’t really prevention. It’s intervention.

Sure, fluoride can help prevent decay. It is known to have anti-bacterial impacts in the mouth. And it is incorporated into tooth enamel to make it more resistant to acids.

But in order to prevent diseases like tooth decay, you don’t NEED fluoride. Fluoride is a treatment for when people are already at high risk of tooth decay. The real prevention is regularly eating foods that strengthen teeth.

You may also be interested to know there we are learning many natural products have healing effects in the body.

Dead sea salt and to naturally prevent dental disease.

The key lies with the bacteria. The oral microbiome is a complex ecological system. What people often don’t realize is that harmful bacteria cause dental disease because the system is imbalanced.

Instead of killing the bad guys with something like a mouthwash. We need to think about how to nourish our bacterial friends.

That’s why dead sea salt is a great longer term option.

Salt water rinses have long been used in dental care to prevent decay. This is because sodium chloride has antibacterial affects. You may be surprised to hear that this is because it is slightly acidic.

But the slightly acidic pH (nature’s every so slight balance) can help keep harmful bacteria in manageable numbers.

AND there’s one other great benefit of dead sea salt. Compared to normal salt it’s packed with a bunch of other nutrients such as:

  • Bromide
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

Each of these makes up raw materials that help your microbes manage your teeth.

So swishing with dead sea salt (add a teaspoon to warm water) may be a great natural way to keep your oral microbiome in balance and nourishing as well!

Other options that are great natural dental remedies are:

  • Apple cider vinegar (fermented apple drink)
  • Chewing fresh raw parsley (loaded with digestive enzymes)
  • Chewing cinnamon bark (anti-bacterial properties)
  • Tea-tree oil (anti-bacterial properties)

No more avoiding the dentist

Once you’re confident in your oral health, your dental checkups become a breeze!

Your oral health is important, and nature often knows best when it goes for the things we put in our mouth.