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Simple Tips And Tricks How To Avoid Pesticide Residue In Food

pesticide residue in food

‘Pesticides’ is a general name for toxic substances used to destroy weeds (also specifically called ‘herbicides’), insects (also specifically called ‘insecticides’), fungus (also specifically called ‘fungicides’) and rodents (also specifically called ‘rodenticides’). Pesticides are used virtually everywhere: from agricultural plots and dwellings to all kinds of public places. While pesticides’ ...

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15 Foods and Herbs For Toxic-Free Blood

herbs for toxic-free blood

Our bodies are equipped with detoxification systems, but these can only perform effectively if the introduction of toxins to our bodies is rare. Poor air quality, pesticides, preservatives and artificial flavor and colors in our food, and harsh chemicals in cosmetics and household products make for a constant flow of ...

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