Banana peel purifies water?

The usual banana peel can be a great substitute for traditional means of water purification , concluded the scientists from the Brazilian Institute for Biosciences . According to them , the part of this fruit which is not eatable, for less than an hour absorbs 97 percent of copper and lead from contaminated river water and one banana peel can be used up to 11 times.Banana peel purifies water

Brazilian researchers claim that the banana peel can purifies waste water better than traditional funds for this purpose – aluminum oxide , cellulose or silicium dioxide , which can have toxic side effects .

The advantage of the banana peel is also the price that is much lower than the amount that should be set aside for the usual water purifiers.

Experts had previously come to the knowledge that the fibers of the cocoa nut and peanuts shells in a similar way can eliminate potential toxins from the water .