Avoid inflammation of the bladder

All those who at least once faced with this uncomfortable inflammation , know how much it can be uncomfortable .

What you allow, is what will continue.
What you allow, is what will continue.

The most important part of prevention is to care for ourselves.

Drink plenty of fluids and regular wet. To keep your bladder healthyAvoid inflammation of the bladder , you need to regularly rinsing him. On average , half liter of fluid a day is enough for the average woman . Do not hesitate and go to the toilet as soon as you feel the need for it .

Maintain proper hygiene. So , wipe from front to back to avoid the transfer of any bacteria from the vagina to the urinary channel . Also , it is better to take a shower rather than a bath because there is less possibility of the transmission of the bacterias.

Go to the toilet after sex. After intimate relationship insist to go the toilet to prevent possible infection . Also , you can wash your intimate area right after the sexual act.

Keep the hygiene of the intimate area and anus using a mild soap. And do not use any intimate deodorants or scented toilet paper because they irritate the lining.

Do not expose yourself to cold. The simplest advice is not to get sick , do not sit in a cold rooms and do not wear too thin clothes in winter. The lower part of the stomach and back must be heated.