Antidepressant from the kitchen

Antidepressant from the kitchenAlthough antidepressants can make you feel much better , with them come many side effects , such as fatigue , memory loss , insomnia , etc. Because scientists are investigating more natural alternatives for treating depression , and found that the spice turmeric , which is found in Indian curry not only helps reduce free radicals in the body , but also mend the depression .

During testing , a group of people they healed themselves with the generic version of the famous Fluoxetine and another with curcumin for six weeks . The second group received 500 milligrams of curcumin twice a day and at the end of those six weeks have shown that the spice had the same effect as the Fluoxetine .

The conclusion is that those who are struggling with depression , should eat spice curcumin several times a day , over a few weeks , if they want to combat the negative mood that reduces their quality of life .