This Is Amazing! Apply Vaseline For 30 Days On Your Breasts And See What Happens!

Vaseline is a well-known product that is used for a lot of purposes. Mainly it`s used for softening the skin, for lip care, for treatments of rough skin on the ankles and elbows but it can be used even on some unusual places on the body for some unusual purposes.

According to some people Vaseline can be rubbed on the breasts for increasing the cup size. Although it sounds unbelievable and unusual these people say it works.

This is something that you can do at home and it`s very simple. Rub the Vaseline on your breasts and put some toothpaste on the nipples.

Repeat the treatment every night until you achieve the size you desire. Believe me you will be surprised.

Vaseline can be used for so many different things.


  • Put Vaseline on the eyelashes to thicken them and to help them grow.
  • Makes the skin soft
  • For dry cuticles
  • For luscious and soft lips – Helps in the cure of dry and cracked lips. You can even make your own lip balm by mixing Vaseline and Kool Aid powder.
  • Rub some Vaseline on the points where you put the perfume: neck, cleavage, wrists and it will last more.
  • For soft skin put some Vaseline on your face, arms and neck
  • For preventing the lipstick to smudge – just put some Vaseline on your teeth. This is the secret of the beauty pageants.
  • For removing make –up
  • Shiny effect of the eye shadow or blush – apply the Vaseline under the eye shadow or on the cheeks to achieve this effect. You can make your cream blusher if you mix lipstick and some Vaseline
  • Makes eyebrow plucking easier
  • Makes your shoes shine. It makes them look new.
  • Hides and makes damaged and split ends look like you just had a haircut
  • You can remove stains of make-up from the clothes
  • Put some Vaseline on the ankles, hands and the back of the knees to avoid spray ten streaks.
  • For easy opening of the nail polish bottles – just put some Vaseline under the cap and it will be easy to open the bottle the next time you wish to do your nails.
  • Make exfoliating body lotion – Soften your skin by mixing Vaseline and sea salt.
  • After shaving
  • For easy and pain free insertion of the earrings
  • Rub it on the lashes to remove glue from false eyelashes.